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ECU Remapping Milton Keynes

Unleash your vehicles true performance potential.

If you are looking for reliable power or wanting to increase MPG saving fuel costs and have an overall better driving experience then you have come to the right place.


With a custom remap from Miltons Automotive you can be assured your vehicle is in the best hands due to our vast automotive experience.


 Extensive training and industry leading equipment and technology sets us apart form the rest.

Tuning files are custom written for your vehicle and within safe limits of engine and drive-train tolerances, working in partnership with Black Code remapping specialists.

By carefully adjusting and re-calibrating engine parameters we can increase performance for better driveabiltiy and safer overtaking for petrol, diesel and hybrid engine vehicles.

Additionally for diesel engine vehicles we can optimise the tuning parameters to save fuel costs by up to 15%.

Fully mobile service covering, Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire, Northamptonshire and Oxfordshire.


Our custom remapping services include

  • Performance remap tuning

  • Diesel economy tuning

  • Fleet economy remap tuning

  • Speed limiter removal

  • DPF & EGR Solutions

  • Hardcut & Popcorn limiter

  • Launch Control

  • Trailer & Caravan towing tuning

  • Engine management fault codes

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Why choose Miltons Automotive...

Unlike many 'tuners' we do not use generic files that are often cheaply purchased online with little knowledge of their origin.

Many of these types of files have the parameters ramped up to give big power gains on face value.


More often than not, these files exceed engine capabilities and offer poor driveability and reliability long term, sometimes catastrophic effects and no support afterwards.

We offer the complete opposite to this!

Custom written files specific to your vehicle, working in partnership with Europes leading remapping specialists.

Industry leading equipment used to ensure complete reliability.

Follow up to ensure you are completely satisfied with the results and total support.

Why Remapping?

All vehicle manufacturers restrict engine efficiency to the lowest common denominator of the markets they sell in.

This includes making allowances and tolerances for things such as: 

  • Poor fuel quality

  • Temperature and altitude

  • Meeting local emission targets 

  • Extreme operating environments

  • Poor and/or missed servicing and maintenance

We can safely lift these restrictions giving optimum performance and increased fuel economy.


Our Guarantee

All of our maps are custom written, bespoke to your vehicle within the safety of the engine and drivetrain parameters with no impact to engine components.

We can positively make your vehicle perform better whether it be for performance increase or fuel saving on any Car, Van, or 4x4 or with instant results.

All of our remaps come with a 21 day no quibble money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied.

In addition our file software comes complete with lifetime warranty while you own the vehicle.