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Car and Vehicle Immobiliser

Ensure your vehicle stays where you left it!

Vampire Lite is an unsurpassed and patented vehicle immobiliser with innovative security technology that is impossible to overcome.


The ultimate deterrent based on the electro-mechanical principle, inhibiting up to 6 core components. Ignition, Transmission, Engine ECU + many more in order to make it impossible to start & drive any vehicle.

Furthermore it's approved by Thatcham Research, the UK's leading automotive industry research group, recognised by the UK’s leading insurance companies.

The Vehicle Anti Theft Solution

The Pro-active deterant thieves hate!

Vampire Lite is resistant to and will secure against:

  • Keyless Relay Attack (SARA)

  • Diagnostic tools and devices

  • Reprogramming equipment

  • Replacement of Ignition Switch

  • Replacement of ECU's

  • Illegal duplicate of a car key

  • Reading and decoding devices

  • Replacement control units

  • Use of original key if stolen

  • Mechanical tools

Why VAMPIRE Lite ?

The Asset you can't afford to be without!

Benefits of Vampire Lite:

  • Will not affect vehicle warranty

  • Thatcham Approved (CAT 2 Immobiliser)

  • No codes or button sequence to remember

  • No susceptible CAN integration 

  • Each vehicle installation is unique

  • Untraceable with diagnostic equipment

  • Installed at a time a place for you

  • Lifetime warranty on installation

  • Easy user operation 

  • Stylish visible deterrent

  • No monthly fee's to pay

Installed from £469

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UK Car Theft

A problem now, more then ever in car history.

With vehicle theft on the rise in the UK, criminals are using ever more sophisticated equipment and techniques to by-pass manufacturer's high- tech but penetrable anti-theft systems.


Alarms, manufacture immobilisers and trackers are no longer sufficient in preventing car theft.


Key-less car thefts can takes less than 10 seconds with thieves even intercepting key signals as the owner walks away from the car, let alone intercepting them while in the house.

Car Crime Statistics

Car Theft Statistics

The UK is suffering a car theft epidemic.


Home Office statistics show that crimes of this type have risen by 50% in the past five years, reaching an eight-year high in 2018.


More than 111,000 cars stolen in England and Wales 2017-18.


These highly sophisticated but opportunist criminals are taking anything they can get their hands on, from basic family cars to high end luxuary, premium sports cars and light commercial vans.