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Car Care That Exceeds Expectations

Car Ceramic Coating

The perfect upgrade after our paint correction machine polishing or new car protection

Ceramic Coatings are unlike waxes and sealants and do not require re-application

Predominantly containing Silicon Dioxide (Silica/Sio2) it forms a semi permanent bond to the molecular structure of the surface it is applied to, Paint, Plastic Trim, Glass or Wheels as desired

Ceramic Coatings boost gloss levels to another level and are super hydrophobic, repelling water and dirt and in turn, prolonging dirt and surface containment build up

Additionally, Ceramic Coatings have high resistance to UV light reducing paint fading and defects


Once cured Ceramic Coatings offer excellent scratch resistance and self-cleaning properties too

Long-lasting / semi permanent bond - Up to 3 Years

Super Hydrophobic

Increased Scratch resistance

Protects against UV, Chemical and Weather 

High-temperature resistance

Ultra-high gloss, shine, and depth 

Talk to us and we can advise on our Ceramic Coating options

including preparation, what's involved, benefits and aftercare

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