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Car Ceramic Coating

Deep Gloss | High Shine |Long Lasting

Ceramic Coatings Milton Keynes

Looks better for longer !

Ceramic Coatings boost gloss and shine to another level with long lasting results.


Super hydrophobic, repelling water and dirt, prolonging surface containment build up making for quicker and easier maintenance washing and looking cleaner for longer.

In addition Ceramic Coatings provide an excellent barrier to UV rays reducing paint fading.

A must have for to keep your vehicle looking better for longer.

Ceramic Paint Protection

High durability, semi-permenant bond !

Ceramic Coatings are unlike waxes and sealants and do not require re-application after a relatively short period of time.

Forming a bond with the molecular structure of the paint or other surface it is applied too, provides years of high gloss, scratch resistant, self cleaning protection.

Becoming an active layer the Ceramic Coating protects against washing swirls, scratches, chemicals, UV, and bird dropping etching as well as bug residue.

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Ceramic Coating Options

Flexibility with amazing results.

Whether you are looking for a Ceramic Coating for Paint, Glass, Wheels or Trim there are many different options that I can help and advise on. 

My installations are guaranteed and finished to the absolute highest standards.


From 3h to 7h harness, high gloss and shine or Matte finishes with excellent hydrophobic behaviour, I can tailor to suit your individual requirements.

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Benefits of Ceramic Coating

So many reasons!

Long-lasting, semi-permanent bond.

Up to 7 years protection.

Super Hydrophobic, repelling water and dirt.

Stays cleaner for longer.

Increased Scratch resistance.

Protects against fading from UV, Chemical and Weather.

Options for interior and exterior, Paint, Glass and Trim. 

High-temperature resistance.

Ultra-high gloss, shine, and depth.

Easier and quicker wash maintenance.

Also available for Paint protection film, Vinyl wraps and Matte paint.