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Remapping Milton Keynes

Whether you are looking for serious gains in power and performance, wanting to increase MPG saving fuel costs or optimise your vehicle for towing or heavy loads and have an overall better driving experience.


We have the expertise and most advanced equipment in the industry to custom remap your Car, Van, 4x4 or Motorhome and also offer right 1st time diagnosis for poor performance and driveability issues.

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Remapping & Diagnostics Milton Keynes

Perfect for regular maintenance especially for those not wanting to induce scratches and swirl marks created by automated or hand-assisted car washes.

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Car Valeting Milton Keynes

Revive colour, gloss, and clarity to paintwork removing defects, scratches and swirls, finished off with premium quality waxes and coatings for that new look.

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Paint Correction

The ultimate in attention to detail, decontamination, and deep cleaning with long lasting protection using only the best premium products.


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Car Detailing Milton Keynes

Ultra durable lasting protection with immense gloss, depth, and shine. 

Hydrophobic and scratch resistance properties keep your vehicle looking cleaner and better for longer.

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Ceramic Coating

At Miltons Automotive we continually exceed our client's expectations in delivering only exceptional results in Car and Vehicle care with a personal touch.

From a valet to full detail, ceramic coating, performance remap, or fault diagnosis, we use only the best, proven techniques and latest equipment in the industry, along with premium products to care for your vehicle.

Our mobile services are available 7 days a week supporting Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire and Northamptonshire at a time and place convenient for you. 

What People Say

Very pleased with the valet done by Mark at my workplace on Friday last week, he did a thorough job inside and out, taking 3 hours for a reasonable price, will definitely be a return customer, thanks Mark.

Great service from Mark at Miltons Automotive.
Very responsive to messages/emails and even managed to fit in my first booking at very short notice (first email on Friday, detail completed Sunday morning)
Will regularly be using Mark’s services to keep my Polo GTi looking it’s absolute best.

Fantastic service!

Very thorough.

Never seen the inside of my car so clean. Will definitely use again.

ECU Remapping

      ECU remapping services include:

  • Performance Remapping

  • Economy/MPG Remapping

  • Fleet Vehicle Remapping

  • Speed Limiter Removal

  • EGR/DPF Solutions

  • Hardcut/Popcorn Rev Limiters

  • Overrun Pops, Bangs and Burbles

  • Trailer/Caravan Towing Tuning

  • Engine Management Fault Code Delete

  • O2/Lambda Sensor Delete

Valeting & Detailing

      Mobile Valeting services include:

  • Valeting

  • Detailing

  • Polishing

  • Paint Correction

  • Scratch Removal

  • Ceramic Coatings

  • Engine Bay Detailing

  • Wax and Paint Sealant 

  • Headlamp Restoration

  • Convertible soft-top Restoration

  • Leather Cleaning and Conditioning

  • Interior Deep Cleaning


      Diagnostic services include:

  • Engine Warning Lights

  • ABS Warning Lights

  • Poor Engine Performance

  • Non Start

  • Air Bag & SRS Warning Lights

  • Tyre Pressure Monitoring

  • Traction Control & ESP Warning

  • Vehicle Lighting

  • Electronic Park Brake

  • Electrical Wiring Repair

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